You can use the form below or send a mail to – Blacklisted hosts can’t use this form – so in such cases, use the e-mail.

Tornevall Networks is a private – but publicly shared – hosting site. This means that I (the owner) build services primarily for my own needs, but in a way that can be reused by others. This site, TorneAUTH, is built as a central point where all those services can be administrated from. This site does not have much to do with the services itself, as they might be located somewhere else. For example, the DNSBL service ( and, can be configured from here (authorization keys, etc) while it is used from the other domains.

However, the VPS service is one of the exceptions that is lesser shared than the other services – as there are limited IPv4 addresses in the space, it is not possible to widely share access to this. However, we do not have limited access to IPv6, so in the future there might be a chance that IPv6 hosting will be open. Normally, you won’t get access to the VPS control panel.

IP-addresses that is sending spam WILL get blacklisted – obviously spammers are way too stupid to read such warnings before the start spamming. So thank you – you’re helping other site owners this way.